I love Bilibid!

5:12:00 PM

Q: San ka nakatira?
Me: Sa Bilibid?
Q: Loob o labas?
Me: Loob. :)
Q: o___O
Yes, I live inside the compound of NBP (New Bilibid Prison). Been living in Bilibid for the past 20+ years and while I've always dreamed of leaving the place, I've never really had the balls to do so.

Bilibid's in the spotlight again for the grenade incident (before that was Rolito Go and before that we had Jalosjos). I live right next to convicted criminals, but Bibilid's a pretty peaceful place. At least before NHA was completed and inhabitants from the outside world starting pouring in.

Despite the crooks and thugs I live right next to, Bilibid's a small haven tucked in the blossoming city of Muntinlupa (lots of gas stations and banks being constructed, plus another shopping center). Everything's within your reach: hospitals, market, shopping malls, church, recreation centers, police, restaurants, banks, gas stations, etc.

And the best part of it would be this:
Green meets blue!
Not edited at all. Snap from Noah. Taken this morning on my way to work.
Snapped this while running one rainy afternoon. And I thought I was the only one out. 
Independence Day!
About to rain.
Fresh air, lots of trees and plants, no tall buildings or a lot of cars, and most importantly, no flood! People here, especially BuCor employees, pretty much know everyone living within the compound (except for me, I barely know my neighbors!).

I wonder what Bilibid will look like this Christmas! 

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