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12:31:00 AM

While I was on my way to A-Plus this morning, I was a bit worried of what his teacher will tell me or what his assessment will be for the 2nd quarter. I arrived 5 minutes early and waited for an hour for other parents to finish their meeting with the teacher.

Although I know what Kindergarten is, I really have no high expectations from Julian at school. Don't get me wrong. Julian's a very bright boy but more than learning ABC and 123, I want him to enjoy school and have fun. He'll be studying for several years and I want his first years not to be traumatizing.

Apparently, Julian's doing great in school! His teacher only had good words about my baby boy. I bet I looked goofy smiling like crazy the entire time. 

Dear Julian,

Momsh wants you to know that she's very proud of your accomplishments (Julian's artwork wall soon!). I'm happy that you're enjoying school, making friends, and having fun. 

I hope that you'll keep up the good work and continue being awesome! We're always here for you baby. 

I love you!


PS, Your teacher said you dance and sing very well!

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