A well spent Sunday!

3:45:00 PM

It's 23 more days before the big day!

Went to Koo's place last Sunday for the boys' barong and Jewel's gown fitting. I've never seen my dad, brother, or Julian in a barong so it was really a delight to see the boys look dapper wearing one. Julian was so excited with his outfit. He didn't want to take them off! He kept on asking on the way home when we'll get his barong back and wear it to the wedding. He also tried if he can still dance Oppa Gangnam Style while wearing it.

A sneak peek of what the boys will look like (forgot to take photos of Jigs!):

More after the jump!

Koo helping Julian.
Me: Julian, pose.
Julian: Like this momsh?
Proud Lola Tetet!
Julian and Tita Wel

Yep, she's our youngest sister.
Jimmy Santos is that you?!
Congressman and Mayor
Pretty! Especially if your arms are a bit more lean. Hehehehe..
Very nice! Most importantly, the bride and groom liked them. Can't wait for my gown! Next stop will be shoes and accessories.

Julian and I then had lunch at G4! Yum! By the way, G4 makes the best fried porkchops! Post on that some other time.
He 'fired' at everyone entering the door.
Ate: Hay ang tagal ng buttered chicken ko..
How did your Sunday go?

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