Happy Bonifacio Day!

1:30:00 PM

"Can I ANDRES you?" -- somewhat trending on twitter. LOL. 
 This week's been crazy!

Date with Julian. We're not going out this weekend because he misbehaved in school the other day. Teacher Jill's love letter was reaaaaaally long, I could not ignore it.

Slept til 10:30 AM. :)

Lovely lunch. :)

Salon trip after 10 jurassic years!

I don't remember what happened last Tuesday, but I was able to finally complete a couple of tasks I've put off for weeks!

I just had two molars (one on the right, one on the left) extracted last Wednesday and while the whole procedure wasn't painful (at all), it's really not a good idea to have your teeth pulled from both sides. Eating became impossible after the extraction. Oh, and I'm getting retainers on Monday.

13th month pay! Weeeee!

Jen submitted her love letter. What a puss. Yes, Jehnie, you are a puss!

Andrew celebrated his x birthday today! Spaghetti (crowd favorite) and cake!
Eli, Jorlie, Jes, Joe, Din, Bey, Mommy Grace, Andoy - the birthday boy!, TL Carla
18th?! 18th?!
Coffee after work.
Din and Euke
Beyland and Nadzter! : )
Thanks for bringing me home!
Double pay!

Had brunch with the girls and Euke earlier at Chicboy, Molito.
Mango salad, Kangkong na ginisa sa bawang, lechon liempo
I'm still not sure what we're doing this Saturday. Sunday, we'll be at Koo's for the final fitting of the barongs and gowns! I'm getting mine finally! Plus shoe shopping after that. Monday, my retainers. I love this week!

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