Goodbye Feb. Hello March!

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Feb was quite a good month for me. Nothing very unfortunate.

The best valentine's day so far, I bought a nice necklace online (which I now use as my ID lace), I started using Mary Kay products, a hundred bucks from Aj, and our free juice!

Well, I didn't bag the perfect attendance. I was late for one minute on the 28th because I decided to drop by BDO and deposit money for my dear cousin. I miscalculated the time and left the bank late. I ran from Honda Alabang, all the way to the office; it took me 6 minutes and 24 seconds. I almost cried that day but I was too exhausted.

That's how much I covered on the 28th.
I could have taken a ride on the Jeepney and probably saved more time but I didn't think of that at that time. Stupid.
Two months caffeine, soda, and tea free! I'm not enjoying it by the way.

I don't think I've lost any more weight but I don't think I've gained any either. Not bad especially now that I'm fond of Mini-stop and 7-11 food again.

I was also able to spend some time at the salon; got my nails and hair done.

I still haven't bought stickers, a phone case, and screen protector. My via tumbler is still broken and I'm still lagging on a lot of posts! Wow and I thought I was productive for February!

Anyway, March is looking nice! Julian and Jewel's graduating this month. Plus, we have lots of celebrants in the office.

So definitely not a perfect attendance again for this month 'cause I'll be filing for two leaves. I'll be busy preparing for the two graduations and for the birthday celebration at work (my group's assigned to take care of the event and we haven't decided on anything yet!).

My goals for this month are pretty low and unimportant actually:
1. No lates.
2. Visit the salon twice.
3. Top QA scores.
4. Save at least 3k.
5. Watch 10 movies.
6. No caffeine (decaf coffee is okay!), tea, or soda.

How was your February?

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