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It's not Bring Your Own Bayong/Bag. It's Build Your Own Burger! That's exactly what we did! Another successful food fest meeting at the cafeteria A-Plus people!

Patties, cake, lettuce and onions, tomatoes, CHIPS!, buns, condiments, soda, and lots of <3
It's never a birthday without candles on a cake.
We had four March birthday celebrants so we thought of making it a not-so-ordinary celebration. My group was assigned to handle the event (because Euke violated the EOP!) but the idea was really from Joe when the burgers (BK) at Ensogo or Metrodeal got sold out. 

It was a team effort; Mirelle brought the chips (we poured the nachos and cheese curls in the cake's box) and buns, Kitty (celebrant) brought lotsa tomatoes, Euke brought the condiments (long live mustard!), TL Carla brought the lettuce, onions, and cheese, and Andrew brought soda. I'm not sure who brought the cake. Joe brought the patties (the star of the party!) which were made by his sister (thanks!). Some of the teachers chipped in fo the patties, humongous patties by the way. 

When we were planning the party, we asked how many patties each could consume and the going rate then was 2-3 each. Earlier, half way through their burgers, everyone was complaining how full they were and it was some job to down that monster. In a good way of course!

I wasn't able to take a photo of the burgers everybody made. Everyone was too busy assembling their burgers and only a few was able to pose for me. Oh I mean their burgers. 

Mommy Grace's
Note: cheese curl because it's a lonely curl.
My burger!
Sir Ryan's
Good job to all of us! Happy birthday Jen, Kriska, Eli, and Momma Billie!

I wonder what's April gonna be like. 

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