Free Juice! Wait, what?

11:00:00 PM

Just a typical afternoon at work when our Operations Manager, Sir Ryan asked me where everybody is. Sure thing, the floor was empty. He said he'll give whoever comes to him first a gift! He was holding a box (like that of a DVD player?) and since I was the only one there, I'd get it! Euke and Jen emerged from the door leading to the comfort rooms just a few seconds after the announcement was made.

Anyway, inside the box were ... Drum rolls please! Powdered juice from Tang! Our OM decided to equally divide the contents to everyone on the floor: teachers, writers, himself, and TL.

Each got 6 packs of these
Very nice, right?

Until someone asked us to look at the expiration dates.

My phone's crappy camera.
I have six packs of three's! Minus the pineapple. Orange + mango all night long!

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