Parlor day

11:00:00 PM

I don't know why I'm reminded of girls with excessive make-up whenever I type or write "parlor day". Maybe it has something to do with "foundation day"?

My Sunday was very well spent. I was able to to everything on my to-do list and those are:

  • Clean our bedroom
  • Go to the salon
  • Watch movies, and
  • Skip fast food

Too bad Aj got bruises on his right leg during a basketball game and he had to pay for the salon. Good times!

Oh, and I learned from Jhen (who took care of my mani, pedi, and foot spa) that I have a mole on my left foot! I would have dozed off if me and my sister weren't chatting. The place, the songs, the massage, everything was soporific! I can probably do these stuff by myself, but it's just nicer when other people do them for you.

That's my newly discovered mole! And that's Jhen. I think she's quite pretty!

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