Coco Martin!

11:00:00 PM

Just when I thought I'd never be late for work again, Coco Martin decides to have a shooting in Alabang. Great.

The other side of that footbridge was filled with people, too! 
Alabang is not a place you'd like to be at anytime of the day, especially at noon. It's unbelievably hot all year long, it's full of cars (private and public), full of people, full of everything!

They were shooting right in the middle of the road while people filled the streets. Yep, I was sitting at the front passenger seat of the Jeepney. 
I forgot to take a photo of MTMBs (local traffic aides). Traffic is sure at its worst if you see three or more of them on the road.

The worst part of it all, I didn't even see Coco Martin in flesh while my colleague (Tiny Bebels) got a photo (and she wasn't late!).

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