Mary Kay junkie

11:00:00 PM

I finally got my Mary Kay products! My cousin took charge of my mini-makeover last week and I loved the results so I ordered some of her products. If I had the money to buy the products I want, I would probably bought everything in the brochure! Of course I don't have the money so I settled for the "starter kit": a cleanser (bar), an anti-aging moisturizer, liquid foundation, and concealer.

Can't wait to try them! Let's see if there'll be improvements after two weeks. This set cost me around 3, 600 pesos! My most expensive purchase on skin care products and make-up ever! I've been an Avon and Maybelline girl for as long as I remember so this better make me goddamn pretty. For skin care, I haven't really tried anything fancy but I've been using Dove, Olay, or Nivea for quite a while now. I told myself that I'll start splurging investing on really nice products and start seeing a derma soon (yikes!) for that nice skin I want.

Wish me luck!

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