Congratulations Jewel Ann!

9:14:00 PM

March 26, 2012, Monday
University of Sto. Tomas

Three down. One more to go. Good job Tony and Tetet!

She's done with college and all but when at home, it feels like none of us have aged. We still talk like I'm in high school and they're in primary school.

The ceremony was long, like any other graduation ceremonies I've been to! It was nice that they had the event in their own school but the seats were uncomfortable for guests like me. It wasn't as solemn as they wanted it to be because the whole place was well lighted. Anyway, Jewel's graduation was pretty special because:
1. My dad attended
2. My brother attended
3. She was given an award and our folks had to go to the stage with her to receive it
4. We finally met the boyfriend!

We were supposed to have dinner at Viking's but we were late for our reservation (even if you call them that you'll be late, they'll only hold your reservation until 7:15 PM) and there were 65 people waiting to be seated so we decided to look for another place to dine.

We ended up in TGIFriday's.

Everybody went home with full tummy's!

Here's me by the way if you're interested.

And our awesome Dad, Toona!

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