Tall men and cupcakes

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Julian and I spent the day in ATC, figured we could both enjoy some time away from Doraemon and Cityville even just for a little while.

Center island from along the Northgate to Westgate. Pretty pink flowers! I never noticed them until today.
We bought some workbooks, pencils, crayons, and other school stuff. We spent the rest of the evening at the park and saw Ryan Agoncillo  and Judy Ann Santos! I wonder how it's like to have an incredibly handsome husband. Not that Judy Ann's not pretty, she actually looked nice in person! I thought she'd look 'pang-masa'. 
I've no idea what the event was but there were lots of stalls and really tall men! And a pirate!
After climbing up and down the slide for what felt like forever, we went inside to grab some snacks. Julian wasn't hungry yet but he asked for some 'gulaman'. There were some baked goodies at the center (I don't know what it's called but it's the wide hall right in the middle of ATC) and I really wanted to buy something but there were too many of them and I'm not sure if they tasted as they looked so I settled for the cute ones. They were pretty good, Julian liked them. 
Mini cupcakes from Crukitchen at ATC. 120 pesos for a box of nine.
Then we went home. We almost got into a fight when we got into the Jeepney. Julian's not a very patient commuter. He asked if we'll walk all the way home and when I said that we're riding the Jeep, he pointed to an SUV and said that we should ride in one of those. The kid has good tastes, what can I do? So anyway, we were inside for a good 5 minutes or so when Julian suddenly said: "Ano ba yan Momsh ang tagal naman ng drayver na 'to." I just smiled and although everyone inside heard him, nobody gave us any attention. Or so I thought. The Barker (Alabang Alabang Alabang. Isa na lang aalis na!) heard the little boy and told the driver: "O alis ka na at nakakahiya naman sa pasahero mong isa nagmamadali ata." I didn't know he was pertaining to us until he repeated what he said and he wasn't freaking kidding! I swear if the Jeep hadn't left right after the Barker repeated himself, I would have gotten down and beat his punk ass down. 

The little boy fell asleep right after we left ATC so I had to carry him and he's not the same baby who fit right in my tummy years ago! I was about to open the door when he opened his eyes. Trolling like Julian!

When we got home, he started writing on his workbook (whoever invented write and wipe is a genius!) and I spent the rest of the evening watching Jack and Jill and Adventures of Tin tin.

How was your weekend?

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