Flamingos do fly

11:00:00 PM

This weeks's been pretty busy with demos for clients or prospects. They're not exactly simple and easy but they don't really require a lot, at least from me. We don't have a "demo team" but Joe, TL Carla, and I (together with Ms. Ube and Sir Ryan for support and Sir Berwin) make a pretty nice team. We plan our scripts and do a lot of dry-runs but we haven't really gone into the nitty gritty of doing demos but somehow we've come up with a system that, so far, has been working for us.

Joe usually does the "actual class demo" but today I had to do it since it'll take everyone's strength and effort to make him sing. At first I was kind of nervous since it would be my first "actual class demo" (after a long time). But it turned out to be so much fun! There were cute puppets and singing!

Moose, Bird, Fly, Turtle, Gecko, Ant, and Bear
We had another one later in the afternoon after a small gathering for Sir Jonathan's and Eli's birthday. I wanted to have some cake but my belly's too full already and I could hear it groan. We can never pull off healthy living in the office. Never.

Class picture!
Joe, Eli, Jes, Andrew, Julz, Billie, Jen, Euke, Grace, Kitty, Drew, Mirelle, Tina
Sir Jonathan, TL, Gilbert and Richmond
Cake from Red Ribbon and Pancit and Lumpiang Shanghai from Amber

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