A tall order?

8:28:00 PM

Yes, because I fucking deserve it.

Whenever friends ask if I'm really single (which I reply to with 'yes, very much'), it's almost automatic that they'd offer to 'help me find Mr. Right'. Sweet. If only they knew what I have in mind, I'm sure they'd never offer in the first place.

I want a guy who'd:
  • hold my hand in public or under a table when we're eating out, or just hold my hand when there's nothing else they'd rather do.
  • kiss me endlessly, until his lips get a little bit numb.
  • stroke my hair and ask if I shampooed this morning and won't complain if I didn't.
  • kiss me in front of everyone, not a peck or smack, but a sweet kiss that's always longing.
  • always look for me.
  • get mad if I don't introduce him to friends or family.
  • want to know where I'm going or who I'm with because he wants to be sure I'm safe.
  • open doors for me.
  • make me soup when I'm sick, take care of me when I'm not feeling well.
  • make sure he carries more grocery bags than I do.
  • won't let me get run over by cars.
  • listen to my stories, what my dream was about the previous night.
  • call me just to say hello, or greet me good morning.
  • write me letters on tissue paper or candy wrappers.
  • eat ice cream with me.
  • call me pretty when I'm having a bad day.
  • ask for a hug if he's having a bad day.
  • fix my light switch when it's broken (or my door knob).
  • scratch my nose when it gets itchy while I sleep.
  • hug me after a long day.
  • give me cheap flowers often.
  • ask how my day was.
  • want to have breakfast at least once a week.
  • sing my favorite song.
  • gladly talk about how his day went.
  • cook for me even if he's a terrible cook and he'd boast about every horrible dish he makes.
  • help me move my heavy bed around when I'm cleaning my room so I can scrub the floor beneath it.
  • spend hours at a book sale.
  • teach me how to play whatever games he's into so we could both play.
  • never watch new episodes of series' without me.
  • let me paint his toenails.
  • take silly pictures with me.
  • never wear dirty underwear.
  • pretend to remember important dates and get away with it.
  • make sure his opinions are heard and argue with me when I'm being stubborn.
  • let me drink and get drunk and be mad about it later.
  • always cross his legs over mine when sleeping.
  • let me do do my shit and step in only when he feels that I can't do it by myself anymore.
  • grab us some coffee.
  • rather call it quits than cheat on me.
  • read my blog and proofread it.
  • love to see Anderson Silva get beaten (finally) but still idolize the man.
  • make sure the 'flying ipis' doesn't get to me.
And the list goes on.

So basically, I'm looking for a guy who'd love me as much as I love him. 

Where to find such a guy eh?

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