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Merry Christmas everyone!

How was this year's Christmas for you?

Mine was bitter sweet; I still haven't completely moved on and it's our first Christmas apart but on the other hand, new members of our family celebrated with us (my sister's husband's not really a newbie but it's their first Christmas as hubby and wife, plus our youngest sister's boyfriend stayed as well).

The house was full packed! And in the good way.

Wrapping goodies with Robin Padilla Arkim and Jewel
Gifts I got: VS Shimmer in Love Spell, Ramon Bautista's book, a ceramic tumbler, pink-rimmed shades, and over-sized undies from my MOM I would not dare post photos of anywhere
Full house!
Sparkling wine to end the day
Wrapped presents from everyone
Len and Jewel
Gift for myself
Robin Padilla at SM Tunasan!
My 2nd RT from Mocha!
I think we're all learning how not to be so stressed out during holidays (except our lola of course, she's stressed out with just about anything). I got up late and still had plenty of time to take care of, errrr, Christmas things! We did not have plenty of food this year but just enough for everyone to be fed up of my awesome awesome spaghetti.

It was a Christmas full of crazy relatives, friends, and family. Nothing extravagant or luxurious but a lot of dancing to Gangnam, awesome spaghetti (I swear it was that good, it deserves all the plug it could get), yema cake (now a certified family tradition), adopted sons, good stories, and lots of laughs.

Until next year guys!

**P.S. Still waiting for your photos Chong.

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