Better late than never

8:36:00 PM

This week’s been, uhmm, overwhelming. A lot of unexpected blessings and it definitely set everyone’s spirit up. Hey, it’s Christmas!

I was so busy being merry and eating delicious food that I don’t exactly remember which of the good stuff happened first. Saaareeee. Bonus, overflowing food, gifts, happy problems (new projects), and the long weekends. Yeah, who cares about which came first, right?

Thank you December for making up for all the heartaches and stress.

Brownies (Aggy's) from Ms. A
Pancit and Shanghai from, US!
PIzza from CDT
Burgers from Sir BRY
Kitkat from Mommy Grace
Brownies (Conti's) from Ms. Ube
Cupcake from Ta Din

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