Jamie's pre-birthday celebration

2:11:00 PM

Happy birthday Miss Jamie V! Hope you liked our mini-surprise!

Taken from her FB account
We haven't had any potlucks for months and I'm happy everyone had a hearty lunch today. I brought the pasta (creamy tuna and garlic pasta), Ta Din brought the (uber delish!) roasted chicken, Euke bought the cake (I asked him to just buy the small one but he made it extra special!), and Tiny bought us drinks and ice cream!

I'm not sure if the celebrant was surprised at all because we always try to have good food every Saturday (delivery or mini-potlucks).

Miss Jamie and Ta Din!
Miss Jamie making a wish, Ta Din, and Euke Lele
Me (I swear I shampooed my hair), Tiny, Miss Jamie, and Ta Din!
Happy birthday again Ms. Jamie!


P.S. Here's a short clip of the candle blowing part. She's making a wish that's why she looks like that.

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