We won!

11:00:00 PM

Our two-week eight-day training ended today with a tiring amazing-race-inspired activity, a discussion about the future tense, a 'that is taboo' game, a group activity (how to teach certain topics without using a list of words), and good food!

I didn't really mean to bore you with how our training went (that's for another day) but I didn't want this blog to become an album of what me and my family or colleagues eat.

I wish I could post more pictures of the group during the training but I'm afraid that'll cost me a memo so I can only post a few.

At first we were like...
That's Eli (black polo), Mirelle (purple shirt), Andrew (covered by Mirelle), Julz, Billie (purple shirt), Jen (pink shirt), Euke,  (red shirt), Kriska (well part of her).
Exhausted with the race earlier.
 Then boxes of pizza came!
Left to right: Mirelle, Kriska (there!), Marie, Tiny, Joe, Jes, Mommy Grace, Euke. Oh and Jen's the one doing the peace sign.
P.S. That race I mentioned earlier? We won! Great job Red team! Thanks Ms. A for the uber delicious prize.
Joe, Mommy Grace, Me, and Euke
From Ms. A. Thank you so much!

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