Jinkee, why oh why.

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Jinkee Pacquio on Mega cover
[From Pinoyhalo]
Just saw Jinkee's photos from her cover for Mega.

She looked pretty. Too pretty. Why would you want to look too pretty that people would think you're from the Surrogates movie of Bruce Willis?
Pre Mega photos
[From Showbiznest]
Don't get me wrong. I love Jinkee! She was the woman who loved Manny before he became The Manny Pacquiao. She never rode Manny's fame (entered showbiz and call herself an 'actress'). She took care of her kids (I was so happy she sent them to IS). She didn't act crazy over all the MP issues (Krista Ranillo and baby issues). I love that she shopped for bags and shoes! Lots of them!

There's nothing wrong in wanting to become better but with her recent photo shoot she looked liked a very different person. I didn't even notice that it was her.

Of course my opinion don't matter. Well, I'm not trying to give Jinkee one. My point?
1. Movies are coming to life! [Surrogates? by Bruce Willis? Seriously? You haven't seen it? Search!]
2. If I had Jinkee's (or Manny's) money, can I look like my favorite celebrity? Oh, I don't have a favorite celebrity.
3. Has Krista seen these photos of Jinkee?
4. Krist Bansuelo, do you also do bridal make-up? My sister's getting married December this year and you did an awesome job on Jinkee. Not that we need the same kind of 'magic' but we want you.
5. Is Jinkee going to enter showbiz? Will she star in her own telenovela? Oh! Maybe Manny can buy their own TV network!

Here's the photo shoot video.

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