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My very first post this year was about a list of my goals for the month of January. In about a week's time, it's going to be over so I had to check how I'm doing so far:
  1. Get a new hairdo (but no short hair!).
  2. Lose 5 pounds (more is encouraged).
  3. Buy a big journal and calendar.
  4. No coffee, soda, and tea month.
  5. Always have a tub of ice cream every week in the fridge (no coffee flavored ice cream!)
  6. Go to the salon at least twice (body scrub and facial once).
  7. Perfect attendance.
  8. Have a total of 31 blog entries.
1. X  - My hair's still a mess. I managed to have it trimmed a little bit though and went for a worthless hair spa during the second week of the month.
2. ? - I think I've lost some weight but I failed to document it because the weighing scale we have at home doesn't work anymore and I was too lazy to find another one.
3. ? - Bought a pad. January's almost over and I haven't decided yet on what planner or journal to get. For the calendar, no time to buy one.
4. ! - I'm 21 days clean!
5. X - It felt like a really good idea at the time I wrote this one down.
6. ? - Had my nails and hair done two weeks ago. It still escapes me why I didn't take a photo and bragged about my pretty nails. Will complete this one on Wednesday (payday!).
7. X - I'm still depressed over this one. I was doing pretty well, until today. I was late for 13 minutes. Why? Traffic along ATC was really terrible today but I was late because I couldn't get off the net playing Cityville.
8. X - Work was pretty packed during the second week of the month; we had training in the afternoon then classes in the evening. Why didn't I write at home then? Cityville time my friend.

For the eight goals I've set, I failed in 4 items already. I still have about a week to do item 1 and I have a pretty good feeling that I'll finish the other ones I haven't failed at yet.

Like what I said, it's been a very busy two weeks for me.

We started training again. Two different training; the first one didn't work out but the second one turned out really great.

Julian's right eye was bit by some insect and  it got swollen pretty bad after two days. We were about to go to the hospital, have it checked last Friday, but the swelling was gone.

Last Sunday, we bought a laptop (took us 5 hours or so before we finally agreed on what to get).

We just finished watching Hawaii 5.0 (2 seasons) and we're currently watching Justified (2 seasons). Oh and  The Walking Dead! Everybody's watching it. Everybody should watch it!

We'll probably apply for a Smart connection this Sunday because Globe did not work at home (even if they've put the antenna 20 meters high).

If ever you'll visit our house, please ignore the rotting smell. A big dumb cat died somewhere near the garage and we're not sure yet how many dead rats are in the sewers (I really think they're somewhere inside the bathroom walls, how they got there is something I could never explain). We placed poison somewhere in the kitchen and its first victim was a goddamn cat (the one that died near the garage?). We're not sure if they're all dead but they've been MIA for some time now. Disgusting? Totally. So don't visit us for the mean time. 

Semo's really stinky but his Dad (Julian) thinks otherwise and he won't let us wash the freakin' whale!
Semo: Julian's baby

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