Red hair?

11:00:00 PM

Well, I can't cut my hair really short like I wanted. I've tried curls before. I have bangs now. Layered, straight, boring, etc. I always dye my hair brown or light brown but I want something new this year. So I thought I was out of "hair ideas". Until...

Red hair.

Me gusta!

Jane Aldrige. She is so pretty!
[From Sea Of Shoes]
Well, carrot looks nice, too!
[From 9gag] 
Just Ariel with her Dingglehopper!
[From 9gag]

Gorgeous! I can go on with my life without ever washing my hair and I’d still look great if they were this color! Whaddayatink? They’d be great with that messy look (I always pull of effortless everyday!) which, according to some fashion forecast this 2012 would be so in!

Two things:
1. Expert hair dyeing is not cheap.
2. Maintenance is quite a bitch.

Oh what to do. What to do.

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