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... too many days late!

Welcome 2012! Like always, I celebrated it with family and some friends.

This year's celebration marked some firsts:
1. Plenty of sleep.
2. Lots of food without slaving too much in the kitchen. I'm not sure how this happened.
3. Less firecrackers.
4. My sister's not home.
5. Didn't get to light a 'lusis'.
6. Watched a 'local' fashion show right in our street (pictures coming up soon).

TOP: Ate Janet, Ate Malou, Zane, April, Mother
MIDDLE: So much food!
BOTTOM: Ate Beth, April, Zane, Ate Malou, Mother

I woke up pretty late that day and was surprised that the household is still not busy. I thought that maybe we'll keep it simple this time. Around 2 or 3 PM, Julian and I slept and woke up at around 7 PM. Everything was quite ready for cooking! It took us only a couple of hours to cook pork barbecue, mashed potatoes and gravy, spaghetti, fried chicken, macaroni soup, and macaroni salad. My dad bought 2 focaccia pizza and ten leche flans! Ate Janet brought some fruit salad.
Fireworks from SM Tunasan! Nice view from Mamita's house.
Mamita's house is about a two minute drive from our place. We went there a quarter before 12. It was terribly quiet when the clock hit 12. We went out to see if the neighbors had anything going on but instead we saw SM Tunasan's fireworks display like we're just a couple of steps away!

Finally, some pictures of myself!
Last chance to try being a cam whore. I was a bit scared to check out the photos after I took them because it was really dark where I took them and I was scared that something really out of the normal was caught by the camera. 

My Dad and Julian!
My kid thinks that his lolo is a punching bug.
Le Sisters!
Dressed for the occasion! Do we really look alike? I know there's a resemblance but I don't get it when people tell us that we're like twins!

So that's our New Year's Celebration story. What about yours?

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