Pizza Night!

8:23:00 PM

***one of them late posts!***

Not even close to a real "team building" activity but it turned out to be a good night. We almost cancelled the whole thing so it's good that it pushed through.

Dinner with colleagues at Veneto Napoli Pizzaria in BF
The food was alright. The tomato based pastas were a bit too sour (I think they all are in any Italian restaurants) but the garlic and sausage (oil based) one was very yummy! Tina and I tried the lasagna. One plate is good for two or three (it depends really depends on your appetite). It was a bit too sour (but tolerable) and I think there was a weird kind of cheese sitting on top of it (it tasted like kesong puti). I forgot which flavors we tried for the pizza, but both were okay. Their garlic bread was very disappointing. They were nothing like what's served in Sbarro or Fazoli's (or the ones we make at home!). We had chicken wings for appetizers. They were supposed to be buffalo wings but we were served with cute chicken wings. I forgot the flavors, too, but I remember we called them 'afritada' (the color of the sauce was a bit orange) and 'adobo' (burnt color of the sauce). Don't try the 'adobo', the taste was just so weird.

The place looked like it has been there for quite a while. There's this old feel to it and not in a good way. I wish they'd upgrade the place a little bit. I didn't see how the comfort rooms looked like. It's a pretty small space so it's great for a quiet dinner with your family or friends.

What made our night thought would be the Hulk! Yep, he was there! We saw him the moment we arrived at the restaurant. We were all excited when we saw him so when he went outside, we followed him and asked for our pictures to be taken with him. We thought he was a mascot or something, turns out he's a customer, too! He was so drunk he almost fell when he was getting something out of his car's trunk.

Anyway, after forcing the last plate inside our tummy's and a few more laughs, we called it a night. Tiny and I  dropped by Ruins while the rest went home. I had fun and I guess everybody did, too. I hope we'll have another night out again.

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