It's more fun with Manang!

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NOTE: This is not a sponsored post by Manang. Everything and anything we ate were all paid for by us.

Kwek-kwek, banana que, turon, lumpiang shanghai, lumpiang toge, nilagang mais, biko, spaghetti, palabok, siomai, carioca, and pancit malabon. I hope I didn't miss anything!
Manang's the man! Any food that is not from our canteen is probably better, except for my (probably Andrew's too!) favorite bagnet! I've heard about Manang's but was too lazy to walk from our floor to her spot. I finally got the chance to have a taste of her food when we had our two-week (9-day) training. It was held at the newest building in our compound and is just a few steps away from Manang's spot!

I tried the turon (my favorite), lumpiang toge, lumpiang shanghai, carioca, and banana que. What makes Manang's food a hit? Sulit! The food is cheap yet delicious. The only drawback is that she doesn't sell any drinks, so you can bring your drinks to Manang's, take your food and eat somewhere else, or eat slowly and try not to choke. Oh and Manang is available between 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM (you're lucky if she stay 30 minutes more but that's really rare).

What cafeteria/canteen stories do you have?

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