New year, new things!

11:00:00 PM

We all know that a new year's resolution list never happens. I've made one every single year and I've crossed out more than checked. I decided to make a wish list for every month instead.

For the first month of 2012:

  1. Get a new hairdo (but no short hair!).
  2. Lose 5 pounds (more is encouraged).
  3. Buy a big journal and calendar.
  4. No coffee, soda, and tea month.
  5. Always have a tub of ice cream every week in the fridge (no coffee flavored ice cream!)
  6. Go to the salon at least twice (body scrub and facial once).
  7. Perfect attendance.
  8. Have a total of 31 blog entries.

It's a very realistic list I think. Good for 31 days, very affordable, and practical..Starting with items 2, 4, 7, and 8. Aja!

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