Xin nian kuai le!

6:19:00 PM

I hope my pinyin's correct. It means, "happy new year!"

Starting my "new year" right.
Porky / Phone / Sweet stuff!
Aj and I went to Festival Mall last Sunday to finish some stuff:

1. We had to cancel our Wimax application with Globe. We're surrounded by tall trees so the technicians couldn't get a spot where there's a good signal. They climbed up the roof but to no avail. Anyway, Aj figured that maybe I should just get a phone line after cancelling our net application and that's what I did! So now I have a new phone!

2. Because of #1, we had to apply for a net connection with a different provider, Smart. There were a lot of people in line when we got there so it took us a while before we finally got our turn (everybody's applying for an iPhone 4S!). The transaction was pretty quick though. We were gone in about ten minutes after we sat at the counter.

3. Get Julian's gameboy fixed. We bought a gameboy for Julian as a present last Christmas, but after a few weeks, the power switch wouldn't stay put so you can't open the console easily.

4. Change Aj's watch's battery. I can't recall when we bought our watches but I'm pretty sure it's within the last three months. His already stopped working so we thought maybe the battery's busted. When we got to the store, they said it's a machine problem so we'll get his watch back after 1 or 2 months. Great!

We were done at around 6 PM. I went home with a box of delicious donuts from Krispy Kreme, a new (and working!) phone, and Porky!

P.S. Porky's like those stress balls? Only nicer because his eyes pops out (they're actually call popeye's). I forgot the name of the store where we got it but it's at the ground floor, along the train. It's the same store that sells samurai umbrellas, ceramic cups, cool clocks, cute usbs, etc.

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