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I can't express enough my dislike for anything that's too expensive including Aj's game console. Well that was before he bought it. I can't play the kind of games he's into but we both liked the Uncharted series and it's such a pain that the third installment's not gonna be available until the 1st of November. So we settled for Space Marines for me ('cause I told him the reviews are good and that's a total lie since I haven't read any reviews, I may have just browsed through it), Dead Rising for Aj, and Toy Story 3 for Julian.

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I almost felt like going out of the store limping because of the price of three games! Anyway, aside from the cost, I thought it was too early introducing Julian to these games and he was better off with Marvel versus Capcom or Street Fighter because, although not advisable for the controller, you just mash on the buttons repeatedly and bam. When Aj agreed to buy it, I was pretty sure that we'll probably not play it more than twice or Aj and I would be taking turns to play with the little man.

I was wrong.

We've (Julian and I) been up until two in the morning (alright three) riding Bullseye, smashing mines, and running missions. The first time we played it, I was so glued to my seat that my legs felt numb when I tried to get up and pee. Julian was so happy running around, bumping into things, and trash talking the 'enemies' every now and then.

Last night, we almost got into the fight because I bought the Zurg machine which turns your characters into Zurg and I hated it because every time you go inside the darn machine and transform, all the characters get transformed also and you are brought back to the same spot where the machine is. I was busy doing a mission at Latso's place when Julian went inside the machine and transformed into Zurg, so after a second I'm not at Latso's anymore but in a cliff with Julian. Repeat this 10 times. Petty, I know!

I forgot to mention that he cried last night, too when I bought Jessie (my character) a race car and he got sad that I was running around in a fancy car when all he's got is a horse (well, there may be some teasing on my part why he cried really hard). It was pretty hilarious.

We'll probably play again tonight and I was actually searching the net on how to remove that darn Zurg machine from town (Julian absolutely loves going in and out of it and becoming Zurg) and I haven't found any. Plan B is to avoid getting near it but with that boy's eyesight, I highly doubt it.

I play Jessie's character!
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P.S. We love Toy Story (1, 2, and 3). You've Got A friend in Me is Julian's favorite song from the movie. (You've got da friend da me, is his version).

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