Zombie Apocalypse Survival?

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As much as I want to deny the popularity of Zombies, it's just all over the place! With the Halloween over just yesterday, I don't know why I'm surprised that the internet is still full of the dead and the scary.

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The only zombie game I liked would be none other than Plants vs. Zombies! When I learned about (courtesy of Chong and kuya Eugene for the full version) it, I spent hours playing and playing until I beat everyone in our household in the Survival Mode (I played until level 42, I think), but I don't have much courage with the other games like Aj has (Dead Rising, Left for Dead, Infected, Resident Evil, etc.).

Then there are the Zombie movies. Resident Evil, House of the Living Dead, Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead, I am Legend, Night of the Living Dead, Pet Sematary, Return of the Living Dead, etc. I understand why most zombie movies include the word 'dead' in them but can't somebody think of a more creative title?

I remember reading a post about this Zombie proof house. I know I was amused with that post but for some reason I did not bookmark it when I'm all about bookmarking everything! So I tried looking for it again and found more interesting posts about zombie proof houses, there's a contest for zombie proof house design and other random zombie stuff like: a pie chart on what a person would do during a zombie apocalypse, and a Zombie's Anatomy.

I read this post about Pinoy versus Zombies and I thought it was one of the best I've read on Yahoo! for the last few months. It was a compilation of answers to the question: What will you do to survive a zombie infestation in the Philippines? The top answer (I think) would be to go the mall, be bad ass, and the best answers: fighting off Zombies would be a breeze simply because we are Pinoys (Buwayas in Batasang Pambansa - lawrence_of_arabia's) and they are in Pinas (poverty and storms).

Here's my take on Zombie Survival:
1. THE FIRST, MOST IMPORTANT thing to do is to PROCESS what's happening around you. The zombies are REAL this time and they are going to eat you. Stop pretending that you're in some movie or dream. Internalize and get the game mode on. I'm not sure if it's just me but things like these (together with getting mugged, a relative dying, being robbed, etc.) are often times surreal (have you wondered why a lot of people just stand there while somebody grabs their bag?).

2. BE INFORMED. Watch the news. Make sure you arm yourself with the CORRECT information.
  • Where are the zombies concentrated? Don't be a moron and run into their nest.
  • How is the infected transferred (blood transfusion, saliva, a bite, sex, skin, airborne, eye to eye contact, etc.)?
  • What's the best way to KILL those sonofbitches (machete, holy water, karate chop, laser sword, mean words, spoiled dead meat)?
  • Learn about what you're going to fight with.
  • Is there a way to unzombify (like Zombrex, penitence, amputating affect limb, switching religions, sap from the tree of life)?
3. ASSESS YOUR CURRENT SITUATION. This is the part where you wish your house is zombie proof. We're talking about supplies and your proximity to them (and to the enemies).  Evaluate your kicking zombie ass skills. You don't have any? I suggest you surround yourself with those who knows how to. After a careful assessment, we can now move forward.
4. KEEP CLEAR ON YOUR PRIORITIES. Maybe you want this whole Apocalypse thing and you enjoy beheading the walking dead (survive like a boss) so totally annihilating them is not the objective. Perhaps, you just want to survive day by day ALONE or do the heroic thing and save as many as you can. Unless, you're clear on what you really want in the end, everything else becomes useless.

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