My Christmas List

10:00:00 PM

Yep, I have one now!
This is the first time I made a Christmas list, a list where everything in it is what I really want. It's kind of amusing for me that I finally had a list like this because the last time I badly wanted something for myself was way back 2004 (a baby Winnie The Pooh stuffed toy, which I named Soknat, at 7-11 in Vito Cruz) and it's not helping that they're expensive!

So, I'm slowly working my way to fulfilling this list by being nice to potential 'sponsors', but I'd be lucky if I snag 3 or 4 items. I was so convinced that I only want a phone and a camera (not less than 20k each) but after talking to my sister, I fell in love right away with the tab (20k+), making my list more difficult to achieve.

I'm still working on my procurement plan which is not doing so great by the way, because it's less than 100 days before freakin' Christmas! Not to mention that we still don't have any decorations in place.

I've been wishing for months that Christmas be here already, now how I wish I didn't.

2. Satchel Bag
3. Food mixer
5. Table lamp
6. Ankle high beige/nude boots
Do you have a Christmas list?

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