Give aways?

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I'm never stressed out about Christmas until this year. Since the ber months kicked in, there was never a time I didn't think about it; decors, gifts, parties, etc. To make things worse for me I'm a) low on budget (thanks to the other unimportant holidays) and b) lack of skills in the baking and creative department.

However, I'm not completely doomed after all! I found these amazing simple baked treats and DIY crafts online for gifts and give-aways.

Have you got any suggestions? Share it with people like me so we can all have a merry Christmas.

* Crafts, recipes, home decor ideas at Delia Creates. How I wish creativity and sewing skills can be bought.
* Simple recipes: peanut butter cups and cupcake frosting (peanut butter and cream cheese).

Photo from Origami Fun
P.S. Just learned how to make origami boxes with cover and dividers too!

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