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10:00:00 PM

* failed to post anything for more than ten days because I was stuck with real work.
* my hair is still unbelievably dry, my toes are beyond recognition, and my face feels like Alabang during rush hour.
* my DSL application is still pending.
* did not watch the UAAP.
* finished How I Met Your Mother.
* can't decide on my final template.
* the phone I want is soooooo expensive.
* my eyes close a little before 11 PM.

* from 55.6, I went to 50.8 but on average I fall somewhere between 51.5 to 51.8 (in one month).
* on time for two weeks now.
* doing the laundry by myself again.
* has enough money to last until the next payday.
* started watching The Big Bang Theory.
* went to Kaye's birthday last Sunday.
* cupcake frosting/icing is so easy to make.

To Do:
* Give my hair, hands, and feet some love this weekend.
* Look for a nice (but cheap) electric hand mixer.
* Run for at least 30 minutes.
* Make the fridge useful and put real food inside.
* Bug PLDT about my application.
* Grab ingredients for cupcakes!
* I want this chopping board.
* Persuade Aj to buy a really drawer type microwave (after this list and this, I suddenly want one!)
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