What hard work is all about…

10:00:00 PM

*Super late post: October 8, 2011, Saturday*

Let’s not bore you with what kind of endeavor we busied ourselves with for a week because nothing interesting comes up when you put “work” and “hard” together. You must know what I mean by that right?

Anyway, this is just to, first, thank Ms. Jenny for being so generous to us all the time. When I think about it, everything was worth it.

Senior Citizen area. Kidding! Mirelle and Andrew
From the Palms: Mango cheesecake and Orea Caramel cake
Ice cream from Yellow Cab: I got pistachio, the rest had strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Too bad I didn't take pictures of those!

New York's Finest from Yellow Cab. There's also Darla and another flavor that tasted like New York's , too.
Secondly, just to brag about our feast. Until the next production.

* Yellow Cab
* The Palms

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