Post birthday post for Toona!

10:00:00 PM

Chocolate Overload from Conti's
At 10:30 PM last Saturday, the last thing I was expecting to go home to is people cleaning up the party mess. Last year, the party ended at around 3 in the morning.

The birthday celebrant was already sound asleep when Aj and I arrived. I stick the candle into the cake, lit it, and barged my way into their bedroom singing happy birthday. My dad didn’t have any choice but to wake up, get up, and eat the goddamn cake!
Yep, he's wearing a towel white cutting a slice of awesomeness
Well, who wouldn’t? It was a really delicious cake!
But this woman was more excited about the cake than the celebrant.
First time to see a humongous chocolate cake perhaps?
Happy 50th birthday again Lolo Toona!

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