Tuesdays with Daday

9:53:00 AM

I was late for 6 minutes today. 17 minutes yesterday! No I didn't wake up late. I was not caught in bad traffic so why were I late? Every morning is like the Royal Rumble of WWE in Alabang for jeepney's to Zapote. Every morning there is a massive flock of people in front of KFC South Station trying to go to work or school and all the rides to Zapote or Las Pinas arrive one at a time! The moment these people see a ride coming their way, the fight for a seat begins. You don't get any special treatment even if you're a gorgeous chic, an elderly woman, a mom with carrying a baby, an ate who's carrying a lot of stuff, or if you're disabled in any way.

You need to be fast (really fast) and ready to push and be pushed. While I'm at this morning shift, no heels, no skirts, no girlie outfits. Hopefully by tomorrow I won't be late anymore.

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