People who fish for compliments are lame

10:27:00 AM

Example 1: A girl that's not fat or skinny (just right) who may have been trying to lose weight.

Girl: Ang taba taba ko na.
Friend: Hindi kaya. Sobrang payat mo na nga eh.

I effin' hate girls like this. If you're trying to lose weight and you know that you've been working hard on it, you'll know if you've lost weight or not. If you want to know if you've made any progress, you go ahead and ask! So please, never ever come up to me and say: Ang taba ko na noh? Because I will be having a hard time convincing myself not to punch you in the face.

Example 2: Someone who's wearing a really nice outfit in an event or somewhere.

Friend or someone: Wow, ang ganda naman ng suot mo.
Girl: Hindi nga eh, dyan ko lang binili 'to.

Fuck you. Someone already gave you a compliment and you go ahead and say those stuff so you shove the compliment deeper in your throat. If I know that I'm wearing a horrific outfit and somebody tells me that it's not, thank you is enough.

Example 3: Profile pictures on facebook or somewhere and the comment says, This is me without make-up.

This is my current annoyance with fishing for compliments. Why do you have to comment that you're not wearing make-up in this photo or photos? So that people will tell you that you're still pretty without make-up? Sick.

You can probably say I must be getting few compliments that's why I'm bitter or something. Hell no. I'd rather you give me something edible or money! If you deserve a compliment, you'll get it even without asking for one.

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