Slimina update: Unposted entries

11:42:00 AM

I was browsing through all my entries for the diet/slimina project and to my horror, the last entries were not successfully posted. I tried looking for them in any of my drafts but they're not there so I don't know how else I can find them if they're saved somewhere. Anyhow, the last entries have my before and after pics which I cannot repost now because I can't find the pictures either. But I did find a picture of me taken a day after Slimina Day 15. So that's me testing my videocam in the office. Sorry for the 'dugyot' look. I'm still looking for a before photo and I don't think I have any here in the office. Maybe later at home I'll have more luck.
The question is did I lose weight after 15 days of taking the pill. Yes I did. How much? I'm not so sure because when I weighed at two different scales, the numbers are 4lbs apart. I couldn't tell which one is accurate. But, from what people have been telling me, I must say I lost enough for them to notice it. Before the first week of February, I'm planning to take another 15 again.

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