What would you do: Your boyfriend sleeps with your sister

9:57:00 AM

Or your girlfriend sleeps with your brother?

If you don't have a brother or a sister or a boyfriend or a girlfriend, of course this doesn't apply to you, but your thoughts are welcome.

I'm a fan of Good Time's With Mo the Podcast and my favorite episode is that of Ruffa's (I think it's the second episode). I play and play this episode twice a day because Ruffa is simply hilariouss (Day, tissue nga). The podcast is about sex, love, relationships, revenge, and everything in between. I've heard lots of really insane problems and scenarios but this one I realized has got to be one of the winners.

Background, this guy (the caller) is in a relationship with is girlfriend for four years. His problem is he slept with his girlfriend's sister! The sister's share an apartment and the boyfriend frequents there. One time, he decided to go to the girlfriend's apartment to hang out. He didn't know that the girlfriend was not there yet, but the sister was. So long story short, they had sex. Now, he doesn't know what to do. If he's going to tell the girlfriend or not. The hosts advised him that telling the girlfriend is not a good idea because one, the girlfriend would definitely dump him and two, the girl's family will be ruined.


Ruffa suggested that he leave the girl instead but he was insisting that he loves her. With that, I wanted to punch this guy in the face. Come on. You love your girlfriend then you go and have sex with someone? And the sister! Some love.

All my love problems go away whenever I listen to this podcast because whatever issues I have is nothing compared to the caller's issues. Good times indeed.

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