It's not because I'm stupid

11:45:00 AM

It's not because you were smarter and tricked me into these stuff. Guess what genius, everything happened because I let you and that don't really give me any relief but just to set the record straight.

It's funny actually how you think I don't deserve you, that you're some gift from the Gods when it's the other way around. I'm not perfect, I screw up on a daily basis but no matter how close you are to looking and smelling like shit, I never treat you like one ever.

I'm telling you now, no more of crap eating. I love you and you're probably my greatest love and if things come to worse, you'd be the last person I'll ever love, but I'm not stupid. I tell you when I'm mad, when I'm hurt, things I don't like and I expect you to remember them so they don't happen again. This time around, you won't hear anything. You'll just wake up one day and I'm not there anymore.

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