A few realizations about sex

11:34:00 AM

- Not all women can have an orgasm. It's a talent like tying a cherry twig with your tongue or making a "u" with your tongue. If you can't do it, there's no way in hell (or the other) you can learn to do it. They say about only 10% of the female community can have an orgasm (or multiple).

- There are more complaints from women about guys with big dicks (around 8 inches big) than those with small wieners. Why? Because it hurts.

- On average, guys last for 5-7 minutes in bed.

- There are some men who don't like being licked on the balls.

- The place between a man's asshole and the balls is called PATEROS (bagsakan ng itlog) or NACHO (not your hole, not your balls). And while some men would say there's a lot of sensation when touched or licked there, there are no known medical explanations to this phenomenon.

- If the guys you have slept with always prefer the doggie style with you, chances are, you're ugly and they don't want to see your face. They just want to fuck you.

- If you're planning to buy your girlfriend a vibrator, make sure it's smaller than your penis.

- Don't have sex on the last day of your menstruation, if you have an inconsistent cycle, because you can get pregnant.

- If you're a woman and you think that it's going to be the end of the world for you because you think you're not getting enough sex, don't. There's always a guy out there ready to fuck you for whoever you are.

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