List of wrong things

7:21:00 AM

Jeepney rides are amazing. I was heading to Alabang but it felt like it took me somewhere else.

Traffic, pollution, humid air, different passengers must have something to do with this phenomena. I hate it when people stare at me especially when they pretend they're not doing so. This afternoon is not unusual. I can't remember exactly why I'm relating this jeepney incident to what I'm about to write now, maybe later.

It's always wrong to:
  • Think that you don't deserve something because other people said so.
  • Think that you're weak, ugly, or incapable.
  • Feel that you'll be miserable if certain people walk out of your life.
  • Assume.
  • Not take responsibility of your actions or thoughts.
  • Blurt out hurtful things when you're angry then apologize and take them back when you're okay.
  • Say sorry for doing something then doing it again.
  • Not to at least change underpants before going to bed.
  • Deprive yourself of something really nice at least once a week.
  • Love others first than yourself.
Maybe I'll add more next time. I still can't remember the jeepney ride story.

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