Sweet and sour fish fillet in 3... 2... 1...

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I'd like to think that this recipe of mine is almost foolproof. Why? Always think in three's.

1. Fish fillet
2. Vegetables
3. Sauce

Fish fillet marinade:
1. Calamansi
2. Fish sauce
3. Pepper

1. Flour
2. Beaten egg
3. Bread crumbs

1. Onions (red)
2. Bell peppers (green and red)
3. Ginger
**You can add pineapples or carrots, whatever your heart desires.

1. One cup of vinegar.
2. Two cups of ketchup.
3. Three cups of sugar.
**You can adjust the amount of sugar but the 3:2:1 ratio is fine.

How to:
1. Fry the fish fillet.
2. Cook the vegetables. Set aside. Make sure that you don't overcook them.
3. Mix the vinegar, ketchup, and sugar in a sauce pan. Cook until the sugar has melted.

You can mix in the vegetables and fish into the sauce or put the sauce on the side. Cooking this dish should be easy as pie but according to my Dad, it took me an hour to finish it! Well, I cooked for 8-10 people!

I didn't put all of the fish in this dish, I set aside some and made a mayo-garlic dip:
finely chopped garlic
Just mix them all together and enjoy.

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