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(Another long due post. I've posted this photo in facebook and thanks to all those who liked it and posted some nice stuff, too.)

I know that my cousin Freagn is into beauty stuff but I never thought she'd be so serious about it (she's taking make-up classes!). Anyway, she came over to our place last Sunday to introduce me to some good stuff.

She started with cleansing my face, moisturizing after, trimmed my brows, scrubbed my hands, then a mini-makeover!

Let's not bore you with what she used (not yet because I'll have to try them first if they really work wonders) but here's the finished product:

I took photos right after she finished doing the make-up but the photos' quality wasn't that nice so this is me--oil, sweat, and all-- after we went to SM (and played virtual bowling at Tom's word with Julian). 
I loved the products right away! The moisturizer was really light and non-greasy. She used a matte liquid foundation (we have the same shade!) which blended just right with my skin tone and it wasn't heavy on the face. The concealer was nice (a bit like what I'm using from Maybelline). It wasn't too heavy on the eyes 'cause that's where I usually put it and it doesn't cake up. I'm not a fan of Mascaras as they're such a pain to remove at night. The eyeliner stick wasn't too impressive. I prefer the felt-pen type from Maybelline that's like a cross between a stick and a liquid liner, doesn't smudge and easy to apply.

The best part of it would be what she did to my brows! She painted me new brows! It's the one thing I can't do myself and I felt like a totally different person after she's done. I'll definitely learn that.

It was a nice to see her again after a long while and I think we both enjoyed our "kikay" time. Plus she convinced me to buy some of the products she's selling. So excited!

What do you think?

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