Tapa Express

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I forgot to take a picture of what the establishment looks like and where it's situated, but if you're from Bilibid (yep, that's where I live!) Tapa Express is probably the third business who occupied the spot (I forgot what was there before the meat shop, then Tapa Express) or the fifth?

Anyway, the spot has some sort of bad luck if you ask me. Why would businesses keep on closing if there's none?

One night we decided to grab some dinner from Tapa Express. The first time we bought food there was okay, nothing bad, nothing special, just okay. But our purchase that night was really awful.

Tocilog for me and Julian. Tapsilog for Aj.
I thought Julian was just full that night and being 'maarte' again because he refused to take another spoonful. I found out why when I dove in the bowl. It sure tasted like dead person's meat (it was that bad!).

I even sent my sister these photos and we both thought they're delicious. 7-11's preservative-filled-and-suspicious-looking version is even better!

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