Wedding gown designs

11:00:00 PM

... for my sister by Coca Couture.

First design.
Second design.
My sister's getting married this year on December. She's been talking about it as far as I remember but the real stuff (contacting suppliers, signing contracts, making down payments, etc.) started early this year.

Me and my sister are really different when it comes to things like this; she's going to have her dream wedding while it's not even on my bucket list (and I have a four-year old kid with my boyfriend for five years). Ever since they (my sister and her fiance) included me in the email thread for their wedding (by the way, I'm the maid of honor so I guess it's a must that I'm in the loop), it got me looking around the net for wedding stuff (invitations, gowns, themes, reception ideas, dresses, giveaways, etc!).

What do you think of the designs? I still can't picture what she'll look like in any of them.

How does if feel like wearing a 65-thousand-peso gown? I hope if freakin' feels goddamn awesome!

I'll probably never know what it's like. Or I can borrow the bride's gown after the wedding then I'll tell you.

I didn't ask the designer if it's okay to publish her designs here but my sister said they're actually hers now so that's my go signal. I didn't ask my sister though if it's okay to mention how much her freakin' wedding gown costs (65, 000 pesos!!!)! Well, still posted it! 

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