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Bragging rights. That's all we get and all we have.

I've never talked about work in a long time as it has been a silent vow of mine to not rant about it, share only the good stuff (potlucks, birthdays, other celebrations, awarding ceremonies, etc.). However, among shifting schedules, marathon classes, salary discrepancies (note to self: learn how to compute for your hourly rate!), and insatiable appetite (food in the canteen largely depends on the cook's sexcapade the previous night has been an ongoing theory of mine), something has got to give.

So I'm hoping this won't turn out to be a rant, just a narrative of a typical bad day at work. 

My unhealthy lifestyle should have made me physically sick all my life but somehow I've dodged several possible send-me-to-the-hospital act (until this one time when I had to stay for two nights...). I don't recall being under the weather for too long even if I've abused my body to the edge. The most I've been sick (breakouts, upset tummy, rashes and allergies) would have been in the past six months, which is according to my own diagnosis was caused by my pathetic love life. Yep, there was that. 

Anyway, I made quite a turn this past few weeks and just when I thought I'm getting my groove back, things had to be drop-dead hectic at work. This new account requires us to be in by 7:30 AM. That early! Big deal for someone who sleeps at three fucking o'clock in the morning. Not only the early call but the schedule isn't the same for the entire week. Sweet Korean Jesus. I know. 

Not sure as to how long this new schedule will stay but the girls and I are trying to cope the best way we can and that's with ... Food! Ha! Early in means not so early out. Well, at least the malls are still open, not too bad. So we decided to have dinner at Sbarro the other night (or was that last night?). Tired girls with happy tummies! We just hope there's more of this goodness near us and we'll probably cut down on the whining and complaining.

We were so famished that nobody took notice of taking snaps of the food while they're on the plate. What the heck, I'll probably take photos of the 'after' now. For a change. 
Baked Ziti, meatballs, and chicken parmigiana were here!
They would have brought all of the condiments to our table if not for their modesty.

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