Bright and Bland

10:00:00 AM

Breakfast at Jollibee (Madrigal) again only today it's very sunny and my voice escaped me while my nose is full of snot. Good thing there's WI-FI. I love WI-FI, who doesn't love WI-FI?  Decided to have a heavy breakfast so rice + egg + longganisa + coffee + peach mango pie.  This morning was  a good mix of the good and the bad:

Yes, those feet look swollen. Ewww...
Good: WI-FI.
Bad: Phone doesn't have enough battery.

Good: Perfectly cooked egg and longganisa.
Bad: Taste buds went on strike.

Good: Free newspaper.
Bad: The old man across from my seat hoarded them all.

Good: Free coffee refill.
Bad: Waited for 20 minutes for one, lady never came back.

Good: Service crew was very prompt.
Bad: Cleaned my table while I was still there.

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