Coming soon: Spicy tuna and tomato pasta

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i never really liked seafood in any pasta dish, but this spicy tuna pasta I had for lunch earlier changed my mind. The spiciness was just right (enough to unclog my stuffed nose for a bit without making my eyes cry), not too creamy but the pasta wasn't swimming in the sauce, enough chunks of meat but I wouldn't really mind if there was a lot, the pasta was a little too soft though or I was just used to my own way of cooking pasta, a little tough. The garlic bread was a little bland but it was okay.  
Spicy Tuna Pasta at 80 pesos per plate
I'm not really sure if P80 was alright for this dish, I mean not too bad but not too good either. But what I really liked is that it didn't taste like sardinas poured over cooked pasta. Maybe I'll try again some other day.

For the mean time, I'm gonna try making one myself at home. Wish me luck!

Oh, and yeah, I forgot the name of the place. It was in the Sycamore building in front of Honda Alabang.

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