Carbonara Lust

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**because it's not enough that I have only one post about carbonara.

I was quite sure that I'd last the night with a cup of coffee and some soda crackers so when I dropped by the grocery store, I don't know why I scooped a packet of grated cheese and a pack of instant carbonara sauce. The moment I stepped inside our house, I was so hungry that I felt like fainting! I hurriedly went to the kitchen and grabbed whatever food was there (mackarel with sotanghon c/o Tetet) and ate like I haven't eaten my whole life.

I had a plateful and still wasn't full by the time Aj arrived. I saw some pasta and decided to cook me some carbonara. Oh I'm so happy I'm an impulsive buyer.

A guide to Carbonara lovin'
Photo 1Pasta 2Butter 3Grated Cheese 4Sweet ham 5Salt & Pepper  6Boiling water 7Del Monte Carbonara Sauce 8Bacon crumbles 9Parsley 10Sliced mushrooms 11Egg Yolk 12Oil 13Finished product! (center)

Here's what happened:

  1. Cook pasta according to package directions. Tip: oil or butter is enough, no need to add salt or wash it over and over.
  2. Defrost whatever needs to be defrosted: the ham, dice, and cook with some oil. Drain excess oil
  3. Mix carbonara sauce and egg yolk in a bowl. Add butter to pan where the ham was cooked, melt it, and add the sauce. 
  4. Heat for a a minute or so then add the pasta. Mix well.
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with cheese.
Finished product!
  • Good for two
  • No milky taste
  • A little bland by itself
  • Bacon would do better than ham (I knew that)
  • Add some garlic bread and soda for the kill!

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