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Aswang [Pinoy Movie Blog]
Plus points:
  1. Love Poe is hot.
  2. Paulo Avelino is gwapo pala.
  3. The poster looks promising.
  4. Jillian Ward is so cute.
  5. Marc Abaya is hot.
  6. Nice intro.
Why you should not watch it:

  1. All Lovi Poe did was run.
  2. All Paolo Avelino did was be gwapo.
  3. Jillian Ward is so cute. Too cute.
  4. The movie is dragging. I entered the movie house scared shit then almost slept five minutes into sitting my ass on the smelliest and most uncomfortable cinema seats ever.
  5. The Aswangs were creepy not scary.
  6. Music scoring sucks.
  7. Ipo (Bembol Roco) reminded me of a drunkard neighbor, irritating and gross but not scary.
  8. Some of the Aswangs or Abwaks, turned into uwaks (crows). During the big fight, they were shown digging and crawling underground but never turned into bayawaks (monitor lizards).
  9. All the other female Aswangs looked like Aswangs except for Jasmin (Lovi), her sister, and Isabel (Lovi's niece).
  10. Wrapped with cliches:
  • tragedy in the family
  • involvement of the police
  • emptied car fuel right in front of the Aswang's lair
  • kids not staying put when they're told to do so
  • everything's predictable

If you have time to kill, money to spend, and a scaredy pants mom or girlfriend (that's me), go for it.

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