Gloomy and delicious

10:00:00 AM

Rainy days are no fun:
  • Harder to get out of bed. 
  • Water's colder in the shower. 
  • Ruins shoes or any footwear. 
  • I have to bring an umbrella. 
  • I have to bring a jacket. 
  • More difficult to find a ride early in the morning. 
It is more unforgiving when you have to be somewhere else other than your bedroom. As much as I want to just curl up under our blanket, stay warm, and have a few more Zs, I couldn't so after a quick cup of hot coffee, I'm off to start the day.

My tummy was literally roaring at around 9:30 in the morning and although it was pouring outside (and I shouldn't have worn my pink shoes) I had to endure and heed to thy tummy's plea. It was calling for some pancakes and hot cocoa. I went to Jollibee (right beside Chowking in Alabang near ATC) right away and I'm happy I had my breakfast there.
For less than 100 pesos (total of 91 pesos), I had 2 pancakes, a hotdog, one hash brown, and a cup of hot cocoa (FYI, eat the hash brown while it's still hot). They have free newspaper, too (Philippine Star). And happiness was mine that morning.
Pancakes with hotdog + baked hash browns + hot cocoa = BURP!

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